Saskia's Return (Short Film)


Production company: RF Cook Productions
Genre: Sci-Fi  
Year 2015
Role Co-writer

The Sci-Fi London 48 hr film challenge is a competition to write, shoot and edit an original short in just two days. I joined a team of my then co-workers that included some very talented 3D artists and art directors.

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Roles & specialisms


Project details

It was fun to write a Sci-Fi script, as it’s a genre I had not previously written for. On top of that was  the challenge of writing within a very short time period, and having to incorporate specific lines of dialogue and action.

Not quite The Twilight Zone, but certainly a bit out of my comfort zone. It was interesting to write without the luxury of pondering character arcs and narrative beats: we went from idea to script to shooting in a just a few hours.

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