"Once you crack the script, everything else follows.” – Ridley Scott

It doesn't matter whether I'm writing explainer videos, short documentaries, or comedy and drama: character and narrative are at the heart of what I do.


As a scriptwriter, I want to take you on a journey, and elicit a response through humour, familiarity or curiosity. Basically, I want to get inside your head. 


Still curious? Take a look at some of the short films I've worked on.


Available Scripts

Short film


Clock on / Clock Off


Genre: Comedy Drama

A hyperreal animated short about modern stress and anxiety. A young man heads out for another day at the office. Unfortunately, the daily grind is fraught with peril: from creeping figures on the underground to menacing co-workers and eerie, imposing buildings. Is he on the run from an unknown threat, or something a lot closer to home?

Treatment and script for a part 2D animated, dark comedy short available on request.


Radio scripts


George Eliot: Ghostwriter

Genre: Comedy

A struggling author finds unexpected success when his mind becomes inhabited by the ghost of dead writer, George Eliot. He quickly becomes the toast of the literati until he discovers that even dead authors are protective over their work in this gothic comedy.

Treatment, character breakdowns and episode outlines available on request.