Working with me

As a professional writer, it's my job to be clear and concise. 

I have a flexible, creative and collaborative approach with clients, but it is a good idea to have some terms available in plain, jargon-free language. If anything is unclear, please ask me. I’ll be happy to clarify.

In quick summary as a writer, I agree to the following expectations
  • To interpret and fulfil your brief to a high standard
  • To carry this service out in a professional manner
  • To respect the confidentiality of the information you have provided
As a client, by hiring me, you agree that
  • You are authorised to commission this work
  • You will provide any information, clarifications or comments as requested
  • You accept the payment terms

What you need to know

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Before we get started

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Once we’ve agreed on the scope

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Managing workflow

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Other stuff

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