Privacy policy

I have to have a privacy policy to stay compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection). But I’ll keep it as brief as possible. Basically, it’s here to be transparent about how I collect and use data. And to reassure you that I’m careful with your information (and I won’t pass it on to dubious 3rd parties, or indeed, anyone).

This privacy policy was last updated on 17 November 2021

According to GDPR, I have to:

  • tell you what data I’m collecting about you
  • tell you how I use that information
  • give you the data in an easy-to-read format, if you request it
  • delete any data I have on you if you ask me to

Why do I collect personal data I collect from you?

As little as possible. Just enough for me to answer enquiries, pitch for project work, and communicate about an ongoing project. This would typically include your name and email address, along with an outline of your enquiry. You can also include your phone number if you want to arrange a call.

This is collected via either:

  • the contact form on this website
  • emails sent to becky@becky-matthews

You can contact me at the email address above and ask me to delete it at any time.

How do I use the information I collect?

  • project enquiries and communication (alternatively, we can use tools such as Slack, depending on your preference)
  • for accounting purposes, including invoicing and for record-keeping in line with HMRC rules
  • to confirm your agreement to my terms and conditions for copywriting, content writing and scriptwriting services
  • to send you a pitch about a project or in response to an editorial call-out for work
  • to stay in touch for future collaboration

How do I use cookies?

No, not the delicious biscuit-based snack. These are strings of information created when you visit a website and stored as text files on your computer or mobile device.

This website will use cookies to:

  • which pages you’re landing on
  • which pages you’re spending time on
  • which pages you’re not so into

You can stop this by disabling your cookies via your web browser settings –here’s how to do it on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

How do I store your personal data?

The limited data I collect is stored on the following data servers:

  • my website which is hosted by Webflow
  • I back-up work and workflow information on Google Drive also GDPR-safe, and registered with Privacy Shield)
  • I use the CRM Hubspot (check out its enhanced GDPR compliance here)

That’s it, I don’t have an email mailing list or newsletters, if that changes, it will be set up within the relevant sign-up and privacy rules.